seramat ag trading secondary raw materials

What we do

seramat ag is specialized in trading secondary raw materials and the products that can be fabricated by using these materials in a reasonable way. We bundle material flows and then bring them to the most economical and ecological form of recycling. Our activities are focussed on the fractions of mixed plastics, shredded tires, light shredder fractions and biomass as well as Biochar.

In addition to trading these materials seramat ag produces and operates catalysis plants for the transformation of secondary raw materials in different products. 


Secondary raw materials

Secondary raw materials  are raw materials which are regained from waste and in this point differ from the primary raw materials gained from natural resources. They serve as base material for the production of new products and consequently help to close the cycle of materials. 


Why secondary raw materials?

Waste contamination threatens the world’s environment, at the same time valuable and recoverable resources are lost. Secondary raw materials, recaptured from waste, are forming an important pillar of the raw material feedstock of the industry in Europe. They help industrial businesses to lower their dependence on import. The use of secondary raw materials spares natural resources and contributes to a sustainable development. This is how we want to make a contribution towards a bright green future in Europe. 

Our mission

Our mission is to organize and bundle material flows in the most efficient way, in order to reduce emissions and find the most ecological and economical way of use for each material. To do so, we constantly look for new recycling possibilities and decided to develop and built our first catalysis plant to research new ways to use secondary raw materials. We also cooperate with regional partners and all valuable products are marketed regionally as far as possible.