Our Products

In addition to the materials we trade, we also sell the products generated by the catalytic conversion plants that we or one of our partners operate.  


Biochar is a high-carbon, fine-grained residue that can be produced in our plants when untreated wood or biomass is used as input. The possible applications for biochar are numerous, it can be used to enhance soil productivity, as a filter material, as an additive for compost and many more.   

Catalysis oil

Catalysis oil ist gained by condensing the hot gases that come from the catalysis reactor. The quality and properties of the oil depend mainly on the input material and the process parameters. From one up to three different oil fractions can be gained depending on the configuration of the condensation system. These oil fractions are used in the chemical industry, in the fuel production or, using biomass as input, in the food industry.

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Non condensable gases are used to generate process heat and can also be used to to generate electricity. Excessive heat can be decoupled and used to dry the input material or as process heat for other processes. This is a big advantage for recycling companies as input material is usually available and heat and energy are big cost factors. 

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