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seramat ag will adept your catalysis plant especially to your specific needs in order to guarantee the best possible efficiency and quality of products.



Due to the in-house production we are able to guarantee high quality and implement specific customer requests on the fly. 



In case you have a site and/or input material available but don´t want to operate a plant by yourself, we can offer financing and operation. 

Catalysis reactor

In this part of the plant, under the influence of heat and the absence of oxygen, long chains of carbon atoms are cracked into shorter chains and become gaseous.

Multi-stage condensation

In multiple stages, the resulting gases are cleaned (elimination solid particles) and condensed. This enables the plant to produce different fractions which can be varied by adjusting process- and condensation temperatures.

Material output

In general the products of the catalytic process are liquids, non condensable gases and a solid residue with a high carbon content.

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